Kyle Lorber On Social media Selling Real Estate To a New Generation of Buyers

Kyle Lorber

March 18, 2021

Kyle Lorber On Social media Selling Real Estate To a New Generation of Buyers

Years of success as a social media manager taught Kyle Lorber the value social media provides real estate agents and companies ready for more views on listings.


HOBOKEN, NJ: Sharp images, a cohesive aesthetic, a relatable personality, and knowing the target audience are a few keys to success on social media, and they aren’t limited to influencers showing off smoothies and ensembles. Increasingly, real estate firms and agents are realizing a strong social media strategy is essential for connecting with customers and generating views on prime real estate listings for home buyers and commercial interests.


Kyle Lorber is an expert in the field with over three years spent developing and executing social media marketing strategies for a top-grossing residential real estate firm in New York.

Through his firm, Kyle Lorber Social Media Consulting, Kyle Lorber is ready to offer his unique skill set to a variety of real estate firms in highly competitive markets and beyond.


Kyle Lorber recommends real estate professionals boost their social media presence by starting strong with a comprehensive strategy developed to generate leads and expand their reach on various platforms – from Facebook to Instagram to YouTube. Using a combination of organic posts and paid social media campaigns, Kyle Lorber helps agents generate more social engagement on individual posts while accumulating additional page likes, follows, and subscribers.


Over time, the page accumulates an active base ready to share engaging posts highlighting prime real estate while continually pulling in new followers and leads for specific listings. Each click can be viewed as a close on a social contract with the potential to generate more tangible closings in the future.


Kyle Lorber believes the most effective implementation of this strategy leads to increased hits on key properties and the entire target website. A comprehensive social plan also boosts landing pages for a real estate firm or agency in an effort to keep consumers returning directly to the website both with and without social media prompts.


A strategic plan not only focuses on ads and organic posts but the best type of posts. Even the most attractive real estate can fizzle on social when it isn’t present properly. Kyle Lorber understands the sale and can help you bring the energy you take into showings and open houses to your preferred social media sites. The same strategies also apply outside of real estate, and Kyle Lorber is prepared to help any business elevate its social media presence.


Kyle Lorber is a professional Social Media Consultant from Livingston, NJ. He attended college at Long Island University, graduating with a B.F.A. in Arts Management in 2014. Kyle Lorber currently resides in Hoboken, New Jersey.